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Our large towns and cities serve as densely populated centres of diverse communities, cultures and administrative functions. The long history and expansion of these settlements can be appreciated in the often quirky architecture and layouts. These large canvas pieces take significant time and research in the planing and then subsequent painting.


Edinburgh is a world-renowned seat of learning which this rendition of the Usher Hall on Lothian Road celebrates this heritage. The magnificent venue, built by a brewer, staged the university’s graduation ceremony, and this is a record of that event. I have set it in its natural surroundings of Edinburgh's Castle Rock and the historic Princes Street Gardens. The roads are rendered in an orange-red, in contrast to the deep blue of the shadow framing the buildings within the scene.

The historic city of Oxford was dear to my heart being close to where I grew up, the history, streets and colleges were particularly fun and I enjoyed the challenge of the Radcliffe Camera.


Having spent time in London with my wife who lived in the bustling metropolis whilst studying at the Slade Art School, I was inspired to complete a large canvas of the surrounding area to Westminster.

London in the Pink large.JPG
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