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Rural Communities

Coastal villages and rural towns can be places of discovery to those visiting and historic communities steeped in tradition for those that reside. 

The vulnerability and resilience of these small clusters of places of work and homes, sheltering from the elements, their innovation and interdependence inspires Rob's art.

Holidays, North Berwick.JPG

The resort town of North Berwick in East Lothian is home to two beautiful beaches where you will often find families from Edinburgh and further afield enjoying the silky sands and view of the Bass Rock mingling with locals walking the vast beach. Rob's frequent visits to North Berwick formed the inspiration for this warm and inviting piece 'Holidays, North Berwick'.

Portsoy, known for its herring fishing, with a harbour that dates back to the 17th Century, captured the eye of Rob on a tour along the Moray Firth coast. 


Rob likens Plockton to the French Riviera of the Scottish Highlands. Nestled within the dramatic landscape the quirky and characterful village Rob found fun to paint. 

Evening Reflections Plockton.JPG

Tobermory was a gift to Rob's playful style with brightly coloured houses on the shore front.One of Robs few paintings that doesn't feature any people.

Tobermory Mull.JPG

Shetland may seem to visitors as though it's on the edge of the world but to those that live there Lerwick is the beating heart of a vibrant community that celebrates its heritage.

Up Helly Aa - Lerwick.JPG

Dunbar is a historic fishing town in East Lothian. The natural composition of the harbour, high street and castle, enduring against the relentless North Sea, sheltering the boats from the storm. On the distant horizon the distinct North Berwick Law is siloutted. Rob particularly enjoyed painting the various shapes of boats in the harbour.

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